Download these free softwares.. it will solve most of video and other problems.

VLC Player - Most recommended media player. Able to play videos with English subtitles
7zip - For extraction purpose (.rar, .zip etc..)
K-Lite Codec Pack - Will solve codec related problems
VOBsub - Will solve subtitle related problems
HJSplit - Used for joining or splitting files
FFSJ - Also used for joing or splitting files
JDownloader - A download manager for faster download speed!

What happened with Megaupload links!?
My megaupload account was banned, 1 YEAR PREMIUM ACCOUNT (sorry i had to shout it) though the links are still active im starting to remove MU mirrors...  purchasing another premium account wont help 'coz they will just ban my account for the same exact reason, not to mention their price is ridiculously higher compared to other filehost 19.99 Euro (30 USD) for just 1 month! anyways.. Wupload and Fileserve are good filehosts, use JDownloader to increase download speed.. never download directly through your browser..
How can i get better download speed?
Aside from purchasing premium accounts. Get FREE account on Fileserve and Wupload it gives better speed than those who are not signed up yet.

Subtitles are out of sync!
You can re-sync the subs in this site
or use VLC player, it has an option to re-sync the subs.

The episode/movie i downloaded is only showing "x" of minutes!
Your download is probably incomplete.. you have to re-download the movie/episode. if its still not showing the full episode/movie the file itself might be corrupt pls let me know by posting a comment or leave a message in the chatbox..

I downloaded both video and subtitle but still cant see the subtitle?
Try putting the video file and the subtitle in the same folder with the same filenames..
example: if the filename of the video is Dream.High.avi you should rename the .srt file to
Another method is to use VLC player.. to open the video using VLC player go to Media => Open File then locate the video you downloaded.. now to open the subtitle got to Video => Subtitles Track then locate the english subtitle.

*All drama series found in this site have English subtitles unless stated as RAW.
*If you do not see any link or a download link it means that the drama was hardsubbed.
*Im NOT the one releasing English subs for any dramas found in this site.
*I do not have any control on when it will be released, all i do is provide a link or a download link to each drama series.


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