Lovers Concerto [K-Movie]

Lee Ji-hwan (Cha Tae-hyun) receives photographs in the mail that reminds him of how he met two girls, Shim Su-in (Son Ye-jin) and Kim Gyeong-heui (Lee Eun-ju), one summer five years ago. He shares his memories with his friend Cheol-hyeon (Park Young-woo). He recalls initially being in love with Su-in, but she rejects him. Throughout the summer, the three remain friends. Ji-hwan and Gyeong-heui develop feelings for each other but are reluctant to admit it. Ji-hwan recalls the complex relationship between the three to Cheol-hyeon

Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Year: 2002
Genre: Drama/Romance
Cha Tae-hyun …Lee Ji-hwan
Lee Eun-ju … Kim Gyung-hee/Soo-in
Son Ye-jin … Shim Soo-in/Gyung-Hee
Moon Geun-young … Ji-yoon, Ji-hwan’s sister


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