Happy Killing [K-Movie]

A gorgeous movie star invites four men to a party to choose her lover. However, they start being killed and the situation gets out of control. This comic thriller is a remake of French movie “Serial Lover”. “Happy Killing” aka Femme Fatale is a remake of the 1998 French comedy “Serial Lover.” I haven’t seen the original, so I can’t not say how faithful “Happy Killing” stays to “Serial Lover.” What I can say about “Happy Killing” is that the movie is stupid, gross, corny, and fun, while rolled all together in a feel good Christmas Holiday setting. The movie stars Ji-won Ye last seen in the hilarious and sorely under-appreciated “Old Miss Diary.” A lot of the fun found in “Happy Killing” revolves around watching Ji-Won Ye run around in a tight form fitting dress and trying to maintain her wits, while a serious of lethal accidents occur on Christmas Eve...

Also Known As: Femme Fatale
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Year: 2007
Genre: Comedy, Thriller
Cast: Ji-won Ye – Ji-won, Won-hie Lim – Manager Im, Hie-bong Jo, No-shik Park, Kyeong-ho Jeong, Hyeong-seong Jang – Detective, Hyeon Woo,Eun-ji Jo – Ji-won’s sister,Doo-hong Jung



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