My Wife Is A Gangster [K-Movie]

How much do you really know about your spouse? That’s the provocative question explored to much comic effect in My Wife Is A Gangster, the box office smash of 2001! Shin Eun Kyung (from Wedding Campaign and Diary Of June) stars as Cha Eun Jin, an orphan who’s worked her way up the criminal ladder to become the leader of her own gang. Nicknamed “Mantis,” she utilizes a nasty pair of scissors whenever she feels like doling out a little punishment on her enemies.

Country : South Korea
Year : 2001
Director : Jo Jin-Gyu
Genre: Comedy, Martial Arts
Runtime : 110 Minutes
Language : Korean
Subtitle : English (muxed, use VLC Player)
Shin Eun Gyung
Park Sang Myeon
Ahn Jae Mo

Subtitle: hardsubbed (use vlc player)


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