The Naked Kitchen [K-Movie]

Today is Mo-rae and Sang-in’s one-year wedding anniversary. After a busy morning preparing for the celebration, Mo-rae goes to an art gallery to find a gift for Sang-in. At the gallery, she meets a complete stranger and the two unexpectedly have sex. Mo-rae returns home feeling anxious and guilty about the incident and cannot help but confess it to Sang-in. That night, a visitor arrives at their house; Du-rae, who came from Paris to help Sang-in with his new business. To Mo-rae’s shock, he is the man from the gallery. He temporarily lives with the couple in their house and a risky love triangle begins...

Also Known As: Kitchen / The Naked Kitchen
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Year: 2009
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Cast: Sin Min-ah, Kim Tae-woo, Joo Ji-hoon, Jeon Hye-jin-II, Park Sang-hun



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