Oh! My God [K-Movie]

LIM Jung-hwan (Choi Sung-guk) is still nowehere close to graduatiing after nine years of college. He is more than happy taking it easy and living his playboy lofestyle, preying on young innocent college girls. Once, Jung-hwan saved Eun-joo (Shin yi) who is almost drowned. Eu-joo falls for Jung-hwan so much my Jung-hwan wouldn’t give a damn. One night, as Jung-hwan gets drunk, Eun-joo takes the chance to make love to him…
Years passed, Eun-joo is now a prosecutor. Howeverm she can’t help herself and falls madly in love with Jung-hwan. She persistenly pursues Jung-hwan and brings him his kids, as their one-night stand leaves her pregnant with twins. Jung-hwan unwillingly gets married to her for the sake of the tiwns, but he is unhappy and he is tryign to get rid of her. On the other hand, Eun-joo is ready to put her husband-taming project into action…

Title : Oh My God
Genre: Comedy, romance
Release Date : August 17, 2006
Language : Korean
Subtitle : English [.idx]
Duration : 104 Minutes
Cast: Choi Sung Kook, Shin Yi

Movie CD1:
Movie CD2:


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