Sex is Zero [K-Movie]

Eun Sik is 28 years old and has recently started school at the university. He is a member of the Cha Ryu group and practices with them daily, through painful endurance training. He meets the much younger and gorgeous Eun Hyo, for whom he holds a completely one-sided attraction. Eun Sik’s amazingly unlucky, and a host of embarrassing situations happen to him. Through all of this, him and his insanely horny group of friends help make one of the most memorable sex comedies, complete with both hilarious and somewhat dramatic moments.
Sex is Zero starts as a goofball comedy (and rather funny at that) but later adds Korean drama that shouldn’t have been mixed with a comedy. There are some good laughs and both boys and girls mess up well occasionally. Most of the jokes only work in a movie and in context and as a surprise.

Country : South Korea
Year: 2003
Genre: Comedy
Format: DVDRIP / AVI / 700.15 MB
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English (.srt)
Director: Yun Je Gyun
Cast: Im Chang Jung, Ha Jin Won, Choi Seong-Guk, Jin Jae-Yeong



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