The Art of Fighting [K-Movie]

Adolescence is one long, drawn-out nightmare for Byeong-tae. Quiet and introverted, he makes a perfect target for his school’s vicious bullies, all the more so when they catch on that his father is a policeman. Badly beaten up on a regular basis, Byeong-tae seeks a capable teacher in matters of physical combat. His quest remains a dead end until the day the mysterious Oh drifts into town. Little is known about Oh other than that he has a shady past and seeks to leave Korea as soon as he can. That, and the fact that when push comes to shove, Oh’s placid and distant front dissolves and his true nature as a fighter of unmatched skill and effectiveness comes ferociously forward. Initially, Oh rebuffs Byeog-tae’s pleading for lessons, telling him that it’s best not to fight at all. But as it becomes clear that the peaceful path won’t work, Oh begins to tutor the young man, not in specific techniques so much as in the underlying psychological necessity for great fighting skill – fearlessness.

Baek Yun-Shik - Oh Man-su
Choi Yeo-Jin - Young-ae
Kil Hae-Yeon
Jo Sang-Geon
Eung-su Kim - Hyung-ho
Jae Hee - Song Byung-tae
Cho Sung-Ha
Jeon Seong-Hwang
Yun Hyeon-Suk
Shin Hyeon-Tak
Kwon Byeong-Kil
Son Byeong-Ok
Hong Sang-Jin
Jeon Jae-Hyeong
Jo Seok-Hyeon - bathhouse scamp
Maeng Bong-Hal - machinery teacher
Do Yoon-Joo

Movie: Art Of Fighting
Hangul: 싸움의 기술
Revised Romanization: Ssaum-ui gisul
Genre: Comedy, action
Director: Han-sol Shin
Writer: Dong-hyun Min, Han-sol Shin
Production Budget: US$ 3.6 M
Release Date: January 5, 2006
Runtime : 100 Min.
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean


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