Be My Guest [K-Movie] (RAW)

Uhm (Kim Byeong-Chun), the president of the company, goes on a picnic with his family. Suddenly, ex-employee Mr. Kim (Lee Kyeong-Yeong), appears and grabs a family member. Mr. Kim demands an apology from Uhm for his dismissal and compensation. Uhm's family members also plead to Uhm to appease the angry man. Meanwhile, Mr. Uhm thinks differently ...

Kim Byeong-Chun
Lee Hyun-Jung
Kim Kkot-Bi
Kang In-Hyeong
Kim Jin-Soo
Lee Kyeong-Yeong
Park Yeong-Seo

Movie: Be My Guest
Revised romanization: Jukireo Kapnida
Hangul: 죽이러 갑니다
Genre: Drama, thriller, comedy
Director: Park Soo-Young
Writer: Park Soo-Young
World Premiere: October 10, 2009 (Pusan International Film Festival)
Release Date: January 20, 2011
Runtime: 80 min.
Distributor: Mountain Pictures
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Subtitle: Not available at the moment

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