Coma [K-Drama]

Behind the doors of Namwon Hospital lies a chilling secret, one that the hospital’s inhabitants have kept buried for the last 10 years, and all centered around one coma patient, Lee So-hee. With the hospital’s reputation steadily declining over the years, it is forced to shut down. Though as the hospital closes its doors, another opens, and secrets that have long been hidden are coming out with a vengeance.

Lee Se Eun as Yoon Young
Myung Ji Yun as Nurse Kang Soo Jin
Lee Jung Hun (이정헌) as Doctor Jang Seo Won
Lim Won Hee (임원희) as Detective Choi
Lee Young Jin as Hong Ah (Interior Designer)
Cha Soo Yun as Lee So Hee
Jung Jae Jin (정재진) as Director
Bae So Yeon (배수연) as Hye Young
Jung Bo Hoon (정보훈) as Nurse Han Myung Sook
Han Tae Il (한태일) as janitor
Lee Ye Rim as Joo Hee
Oh Tae Kyung

Title: 코마 / Coma
Genre: Horror, thriller
Episodes: 5
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2005

Coma Episode 01 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload
Coma Episode 02 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload
Coma Episode 03 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload
Coma Episode 04 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload
Coma Episode 05 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload

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