The Fair Love [K-Movie]

Hyeong-man (Ahn Sung-Kee) is a single, middle aged-man who owns a small camera repair shop. Nam-eun (Lee Ha-Na) is 26 years old and a college student. For the last eight years Nam-eun has been on the run with her father Ki-yeok, after her father stole money from Hyeong-man.

Now, Ki-yeok returns with Nam-eun to see Hyeong-man. Ki-yeok has cancer and asks Hyeong-man to take care of his daughter after his death. Even with all that happened eight years ago, Hyeong-man is unable to say no.

As Hyeong-man fulfills his promise to take care of Nam-eun the pair become closer ....

Ahn Sung-Kee - Hyeong-Man
Lee Ha-Na - Nam-Eun
Yoo In-Na
Kim Jung-Suk
Kim Min-Kyung - Hyung-Soo

Movie: The Fair Love
Revised romanization: Peye Reobeu
Hangul: 페어 러브
Genre: Drama
Director: Shin Yeon-Sik
World Premiere: October 2009 (Pusan Int. Film Fest.)
Release Date: January 14, 2010
Runtime: 115 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


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