Geochilmaru [K-Movie]

A martial arts website hosts discussions on different aspects of fighting styles and techniques. Through the website a mysterious and legendary fighter called Geochilmaru invites eight martial arts masters to meet him for a competition. No-one has ever met Geochilmaru or even seen him before. The group drive up into a secluded mountain together where they are told that only one of them will face Geochilmaru and they must decide between them who this one person will be. They all agree that the best way to decide is to fight each other. The winner of each fight will takes the losers necklace and only the person who holds all of the eight necklaces will finally get to meet the mysterious host of the competition.

Kwon Min-gi
Kim Jin-myeong
Seong Hong-il
Oh Mi-jeong
Yang Yeong-jo
Maeng Bong-hak

Movie: Geochilmaru
Revised romanization: Geo-chil-ma-roo
Hangul: 거칠마루
Genre: Drama, action, martial arts
Director: Kim Jin-seong
Release Date: September 15, 2005
Runtime: 87 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Subtitle: English hardsubbed

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