Hanji [K-Movie]

During the Japanese invasion of Korea, the records of Joseon dynasty were burned. This is the story of people who wanted to restore the record of the Jeonju accident, the only one that survived.

Park Joong-Hoon - Pil-Yong
Kang Soo-Yeon - Ji-Won
Ye Ji-Won - Hyo-Kyung
Ahn Byeong-Kyeong - Duk-Soon
Jang Hang-Seon - Monk Do-Am
Jeong Woo-Hyeok - section chief
Lim Seung-Dae - sub section chief
Jin Kyung - female section chief
Han Su-Yeon - Da-Young
Kwon Hyun-Sang - Young-Ki
Min Kyeong-Jin - Oh Kyung-Min
Kim Ki-Cheon - Kim Choon-Byung
Kwon Tae-Won - co. pres. Kwon
Kim Byeong-Chun - Chun Jang-In

Movie: Hanji
Also known as: Scooping Up The Moonlight
Revised romanization: Dalbit Kileoolrigi
Hangul: 달빛 길어올리기
Genre: Drama
Director: Im Kwon-Taek
Writer: Im Kwon-Taek
Producer: Min Byung-Rok, Lee Hee-Won
Cinematographer: Kim Hoon-Kwang
Release Date: March 17, 2011
Runtime: 118 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


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