Caterpillar [J-Movie]

One of the most critically acclaimed directors from the pink film genre, the legendary Wakamatsu Koji continues his critique of extremist ideologies after United Red Army with Caterpillar, an inflammatory indictment of World War II Japan. Intentionally made as an antithesis to right-wing nationalistic films that glorify wartime Japan (he even intentionally set theatrical release dates around Japan on key WWII anniversaries), Wakamatsu presents an unflinchingly pessimistic portrait of the period through the eyes of a soldier’s wife. Dealing with tough issues like war crimes and sexual abuse, Caterpillar is anchored by a daring central performance by Terajima Shinobu (The Fallen Angel). Playing the soldier’s wife, Terajima has been widely commended for her performance, winning the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival and the Best Actress prize at the Japan Academy Awards.

After losing his limbs – as well as his hearing and speaking abilities – in World War II, Kyuzo Kurokawa (Shima Onishi) returns home to his long-suffering wife Shigeko (Terajima Shinobu). With her abusive husband revered as a “war god”, Shigeko is forced to fulfill her wartime duty by tending to Kyuzo’s every need, including sex. As her husband becomes increasingly demanding, Shigeko’s resentment for him and her patriotic neighbors also begin to grow as well. Soon, Shigeko learns to express her resentment and rage towards Kyuzo through physical action.

Shinobu Terajima
Sabu Kawahara
Katsuyuki Shinohara
Shima Onishi
Keigo Kasuya

Movie: Caterpillar
Romaji: Imomushi / Kyatapira
Japanese: キャタピラー
Genre: Drama
Director: Koji Wakamatsu
Writer: Rampo Edogawa, Hisako Kurosawa, Masao Adachi
Producer: Koji Wakamatsu
Cinematographer: Yoshihisa Toda, Tomohiko Tsuji
Release Date: August 14, 2010
Runtime: 85 min.
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


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