The Last Blossom [K-Movie] (RAW)

Middle aged housewife Kim In-Hee's (Bae Chong-Ok) mother-in-law (Kim Ji-Young) has Alzheimer's disease, her physician husband (Kim Kap-Soo) is always tired and indifferent to her needs and her children has become wayward. For her family, Kim In-Hee has devoted her life as a daughter-in-law, wife and mother. Kim In-Hee then learns that she has terminal cancer and is dying. The mother accepts her fate and sets up the most beautiful goodbye to her family.

Bae Chong-Ok - Kim In-Hee
Kim Kap-Soo - Jung-Chul
Kim Ji-Young - grandmother
Seo Young-Hee - Shin Sun-Ae
Yu Jun-Sang - Kim Geun-Duk
Ryu Deok-Hwan - Jung Jung-Soo
Park Ha-Seon - Jung Yeon-Soo
Lee Dae-Yeon - Ph.D Jang
Esom - Jae-Young
Park Hyeok-Kwon - Yeon-Soo's lover
Park Hee-Bon - Yeon-Soo's lover's wife
Lee Jung-Yeon - Yeon-Soo's lover's daughter
Jo Han-Cheol - chief director of Jungchul Hospital
Jo Kyung-Sook - In-Hee's friend
Oh San-Ha - clerk at flower shop
Moon Hee-Kyeong - Moon Hee-Kyeong
Jung Sung-Hwa - owner of fruit shop
Oh Na-Ra - owner of bar
Lee Dal-Hyeong - team leader Kim
Kim Bo-Young - chief nurse

Movie: The Last Blossom (International English title)
Revised romanization: Sesangyeseo Gajang Ahreumdawoon Ilbyeon
Hangul: 세상에서 가장 아름다운 이별
Genre: Drama, Family
Director: Min Kyu-Dong
Writer: No Hee-Kyung, Min Kyu-Dong
Producer: Min Jin-Soo
Cinematographer: Park Hong-Yul
Release Date: April 21, 2011
Runtime: 125 min.
Production Company: Soo Film
Distributor: Next Entertainment World
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Movie Part1:
Movie Part2:
Subtitle: none at the moment

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