Mama [K-Movie] (RAW)

"Mama" follows three different families all dealing with different issues affecting their mothers.

Dong-Sook (Uhm Jung-Hwa) is a single mother who works as a saleswoman for yogurt drinks and also works cleans apartments to make ends meet. Her world revolves around her son Won-Jae (Lee Hyung-Suk), who is afflicted with a disease that prevents him from walking. One day, Dong-Sook is diagnosed with cancer and her world comes crashing down ...

Eun-Sung (Ryu Hyun-Kyung) has always lived under the shadows of her famous opera singer mother Hee-Kyung (Jeon Su-Kyeong). Even as a married mother, Eun-Sung still at times feels like an assistant to her mother rather than a daughter. Eun-Sung's dreamed as a child of becoming a pop-singer, but her uppity mother would have none of that. As an adult can Eun-Sung achieve her dream?

Seung-Chul (Yu Hae-Jin) is a mafia boss feared by his subordinates and rivals. When Seung-Chul visits his mother Ok-Joo (Kim Hae-Suk) he morphs into another person entirely. Seung-Chul worries about his mother and attempts to do anything to make sure she is happy. He also sometimes acts as a figure father to his widowed mother. When Ok-Joo learns she has breast cancer and is resistant to having a mastectomy, Seung-Chul attempts to persuade her to have the surgery. He asks his mother if there is anything she wants, Ok-Joo shows Seung-Chul an old photo herself and a man from her teenage years. She wants to meet that man one more time ...

Uhm Jung-Hwa - Dong-Sook
Lee Hyung-Suk - Won-Jae
Jeon Su-Kyeong - Hee-Kyung
Ryu Hyun-Kyung - Eun-Sung
Kim Jin-Soo - Kil-Joon
Lee Jang-Kyung - Yeon-Doo
Kim Hae-Suk - Ok-Joo
Yu Hae-Jin - Seung-Chul
Jang Hang-Seon - Deok-Soo
Han Sang-Jin - rival gang boss

Movie: Mama
Revised romanization: Mama
Hangul: 마마
Genre: Drama
Director: Choe Ik-Hwan
Writer: Park Jung-Ye
Producer: Lee Min-Soo
Cinematographer: Kim Young-Min
Release Date: June 1, 2011
Runtime: 110 min.
Production Company: The Dream & Pictures
Distributor: Lotte Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Subtitle: none at the moment

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