My Own Swordman [C-Drama] (RAW)

The My Own Swordsman film follows the people of Tong Fu Inn – owner Tong Xiang Yu (Yan Ni), temperamental waiter/daughter of powerful martial artist Guo Fu Rong (Yao Chen), thief-turned-waiter Bai Zhang Tang (Sha Yi), and restaurant accountant/wordplay master Lu Xiu Cai (Yu En Tai). Their troubles first begin when Fu Rong unleashes martial arts fury on a fleeing former government official. After nearly dying at the hands of the incompetent restaurant staff, the official stays in the town and enacts a complex real estate scam that would drive up home prices based on speculation. Meanwhile, the official also hires assassin Ji Wu Li (Wang Lei) to exact revenge on the restaurant staff, not knowing that Li is also out kill the Tong Fu restaurant staff for his own reasons.

Yan Ni (闫妮) as Tong Xiang Yu
Yao Chen as Guo Fu Rong
Yu En Tai as Lu Xiu Cai
Sha Yi as Bai Zhan Tang
Jiang Chao as Li Da Zui
Wang Sha Sha (王莎莎) as Mo Xiao Bei
Ni Hong Jie as Zhu Wu Shuang
Fan Ming (范明) as Constable Xing
Xiao Jian (肖剑) as Yan Xiao Liu
Yu Juan (于娟) as Yang Hui Lan

Director: Shang Jing
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: English
Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy, Martial Art

Movie Part1:
Movie Part2:
Subtitle: none at the moment

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