Pandora 2 [J-Drama]

A global food crisis occurs because of the increase in the price of grain as a result of its conversion to biofuel and crop failure because of climate change accompanied by global warming. Japan, which relies on imports for the bulk of its main crop, finds that it will plunge into a serious state of starvation within half a year if imports are stopped. The government covers up this reality and examines breakthrough solutions. At that moment, there is an agricultural scientist, Suzuki Mamoru, who has succeeded in the development of genetically engineered maize which can grow four times faster than usual. He has managed to develop this miracle maize after seven years at his research laboratory in the secluded mountains. Suzuki names this maize “God Corn”. Meanwhile, detective Yagisawa Shuko has misgivings about the burnt body of a man at a riverbed. She starts to investigate this not as a suicide or accidental death but as a murder. Hearing about the successful development of the miracle grain, “God Corn”, the government tries to gain possession of those rights; fund companies try to seize the money machine which will generate huge profits. Suzuki had invented “God Corn” motivated by a genuine desire to get rid of starvation, but becomes engulfed in a world swirling with desire and intrigue. Is this miraculous invention to protect the future of mankind … or to open a new Pandora’s box …?

Sato Koichi as Agronomist Suzuki Mamoru
Suzuki Kyoka as Yagisawa Noriko
Katsumura Masanobu
Yamamoto Koji

Title: パンドラII 飢餓列島
Title (English): Pandora 2 Kiga Retto
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Suspense
Episodes: 7
Broadcast period: 2010-Apr-18 to 2010-May-30
Air time: Sunday 22:00-23:00

Pandora 2 Episode 01 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload
Pandora 2 Episode 02 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload
Pandora 2 Episode 03 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload
Pandora 2 Episode 04 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload
Pandora 2 Episode 05 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload
Pandora 2 Episode 06 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload
Pandora 2 Episode 07 - Fileserve | Filesonic | Wupload


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