Romantic Heaven [K-Movie]

"Romantic Heaven" tells the stories of various people who cross paths in a hospital. A lawyer (Kim Su-Ro) who mourns the loss of his wife, a tax driver (Kim Dong-Wook) taking care of his grandparent with Alzheimer’s and a woman (Kim Ji-Won) looking for a bone marrow donor for her mother ...

Kim Su-Ro - Min-Kyu
Kim Dong-Wook - Ji-Wook
Kim Ji-Won - Mimi
Shim Eun-Kyeong - Boon-I
Kim Mu-Yeol - Dong Chi-Sung
Lim Won-Hie - Detective Kim
Kim Won-Hae - Detective Park
Lee Soon-Jae - old man (god)
Lee Han-Wi - administrative official (Peter)
Jeon Yang-Ja - grandma
Kim Dong-Joo - Mimi's mom
Lee Moon-Su - Ha-Yeon's father
Kim Byung-Ok - manhole man
Kim Jun-Bae - Jang Heo-Soo
Lee Yong-Lee - old woman Kim Boon
Kim Jae-Gun - old man
Yoo-Sun - Yeom Kyeong-Ja
Han Jae-Seok - stalker

Movie: Romantic Heaven
Revised romanization: Romaentik Hebeun
Hangul: 로맨틱 헤븐
Genre:  Comedy, Omnibus
Director: Jang Jin
Writer: Jang Jin
Producer: Kang Woo-Suk
Cinematographer: Kim Joon-Young
Release Date: March 24, 2011
Runtime: 117min.
Production Company: KnJ Entertainment
Distributor: Cinema Service
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


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