Sin of a Family [K-Movie]

"Sin of a Family" involves the kidnapping and murder of a young child in a small South Korean city. Detective Jo (Hyeon-jun Shin) becomes involved in the case. At first he acts without a sense of duty, but changes as he faces the truth of a horrible case.

Shin Hyun-Joon - Detective Jo
Lee Ki-Woo - Detective Lee
Jeon No-Min - Jeong In-Su
Wang Hee-Ji - Ko Young-Suk
Kim So-Hyun - Jung Myung-Hee
Jung Won-Joong - Chief Detective Seo
No Young-Hak - Jo Kyung-Soo
Choi Myung-Kyung - loanshark
Park Chang-Ik - Jung Myung-Chul
Kim Jin-Soo - student instructor
Nam Hee-Suk - karaoke room owner

Movie: Sin of a Family
Revised romanization: Woori Yiwootwei Bumjoe
Hangul: 우리 이웃의 범죄 가족사진
Genre: Crime. Thriller
Director: Min Byung-Jin
Writer: Min Byung-Jin
Producer: Lee Jang-Seo, Jung Yun-Wook, Kim Sam-Jin
Cinematographer: Ji Kil-Woong
World Premiere: July 2010 (Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival)
Release Date: April 7, 2011
Runtime: 104 Min
Distributor: Sponge
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Subtitle: none at the moment

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