Dance, Dance [K-Movie]

Jun-young is a med-student pulling an all-nighter. While searching for a coffee vending machine, he notices light coming through the auditorium. There, he sees Jin-ah practicing her ballet movements to the melodies of the piano. Suddenly, she kicks off her ballet shoes and begins to move to the beat of Jazz music, literally enrapturing his heart. A couple of months later, Jun-young runs into Jin-ah again.

Excited, he follows her into the dance studio, eventually joining the dance troupe of which Jin-ah is a member. His adventures as a dancer begins as he is subjected to harsh treatment from his peers, who perceive him as a hot dog trying to make an impression. Once they acknowledge his real passion for dancing, each one of them teaches him their own style of dance steps. Out of these sessions blossom subtle actions between Jun-young and Jin-ah , as the two start to master their routines.

A scandal involving the selection of back dancers leaves the troupe in limbo. Realizing that this maybe the last time they'll ever perform together, Jun-young convinces the troupe to come together as a group for the last time, and prepare for the performance of a lifetime.

Joo Jin-Mo - Jun-young
Yang Dong-Kun - Sun-do
Hwang In-Yeong - Jin-a
Won-seong Ju
Sang-mu Oh
Na-yeong Yu
Yun Ki-Won

Movie: Dance Dance
Revised romanization:
Hangul: 댄스 댄스
Genre: Drama
Director: Seong-wook Moon
Cinematography: Jong-mu Seong
Release Date: September 18, 1999
Runtime: 95 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Movie CD1:
Movie CD2:

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