The Descendants of Hong Gil-dong [K-Movie]

Mu-hyeok Hong (Lee Beom-Su) is the 18th generation descendant of Hong Kil-dong (famous Robin Hood like character). By day, Mu-hyeok Hong works as a high school music teacher, but by night works as a Hong Kil-dong like thief. His rival is Jeong-min Lee (Kim Su-Ro), a cold blooded businessman known to bribe politicians for personal gains.

Lee Beom-Su
Kim Su-Ro
Lee Si-Young
Song Dong-Il
Park In-Hwan
Kim Ja-Ok
Jo Hie-Bong
Jang Ki-Beom
Ko Eun-Mi
Kim Hyeok
Kim Bo-Young
Shin Young-Sik

Movie: The Descendants of Hong Gil-dong (literal title) / The Righteous Thief
Revised romanization: Hongkildongui Huye
Hangul: 홍길동의 후예
Director: Jeong Yong-Ki
Writer: Jeong-woo Park
Producer: Jae-jung Kim, Lim Seung-Yong, Ham Jeong-Yeop, Bae Seong-Eun
Cinematographer: Yong-sik Mun
Release Date: November 26, 2009
Runtime: 117 min.
Distributor: SK Telecom
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


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