Acacia [K-Movie]

Mi-sook, a tapestry artist, and Do-il, an obstetrician, is a happy couple living with Do-il’s father. To fulfill their last wish, which is to have a child, they decide to adopt one. In the orphanage, Mi-sook is attracted to a painting of a tree, which looks very similar to Munch’s “Scream”, and adopts Jin-sun, a boy who painted it. Mi-sook, Do-il and Jin-sung seem to get along quite well, but the happiness of Jin-sung suddenly breaks when Mi-sook gets pregnant after the all years of sterility and gives a birth to her own baby boy.

Missing of the adopted boy and strange accidents in succession… Gradually getting neglected and alienated from his family, Jin-sung starts to show obsessive affection toward an acacia tree in their garden. When Jin-sung tries to stop the baby crying, Mi-sook’s mother misunderstands that he tries to hurt the baby and she scolds him. One rainy night, Jin-sung overhears Mi-sook’s mother talking to Mi-sook to send him back to the orphanage, and dashes out of the house and disappears.

After missing of Jin-sung, the acacia tree comes into full bloom, and emits deep scent of acacia flower into whole house and strange things begins to happen...

Shim Hye-Jin - Choi Mi-Sook
Jin-geun Kim - Kim Do-Il
Moon Woo-Bin - Kim Jin-Seong
Na-yoon Jeong - Min-Ji
Kim Mi-Kyeong
Park Woong
Maeng Bong-Hal - hospital manager
Jeong Gi-Seop - intern 2
Jung Hee-Tae - Sung-Joon

Movie: Acacia
Revised romanization: Akashiya
Hangul: 아카시아
Genre: Horror
Director: Park Ki-Hyeong
Writer: Park Ki-Hyeong
Producer: Yu Yeong-Sik
Release Date: October 17, 2003
Runtime: 104 min
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


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