Goodbye Mom [K-Movie]

Aeja (Choi Gang-Hee) was once a promising student. Not only did she do well in school, she also loved to write poetry on rainy days & also possessed excellent fighting skills. Her dream was to become a novelist and a few years later she moved to Seoul to fulfill those dreams.

Aeja is now 29 years old and has not achieved any of the success she has hoped for. Her only accomplishment to date is winning an award from a local newspaper organziation. Meanwhile, Aeja's personal life is not much better off. Her boyfriend cheated on her and eventually ran off leaving behind large amounts of debt. Aeja was nearly pushed to the edge, but then channels her energy into a writing contest that offers a large reward.

While writing for the contest Aeja receives a message from her mother asking her to come back to Busan for her brother's wedding. Aeja's mother has always been tough on her and when she goes back to Busan her mother treats her no different. Then one day, Aeja's mother suddenly collapses and her world starts shaking from the seams.

Choi Gang-Hee - Aeja
Kim Yeong-Ae - Yeong-hee
Bae Su-Bin - Cheol-min
Jang Yeong-Nam - Editor
Choi Il-Hwa - Dong-pal
Kim Jae-Man - Min-seok
Sa Hyeon-Jin - Hyeon-jin
Song Min-Ji - Sun-yeong
Kim In-Seo - Ho-jeong
Kim Si-Yeong - Hyo-ri
Jeong Hye-Seon - Buddhist monk grandmother
Shin Jeong-Keun - Jun-won
Lee Se-Rang - Dr. Yeo-su

Movie: Goodbye Mom
Revised romanization: Aeja
Hangul: 애자
Genre: Drama
Director: Jeong Ki-Hun
Writer: Jeong Ki-Hun
Release Date: September 9, 2009
Runtime: 110 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


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