Distant Thunder [C-Movie]

Director Zhang Jiarui’s new film, “Mi Cheng,” formerly called “Distant Thunder,” has been nominated for the upcoming Beijing College Student Film Festival, reported.
After a successful premiere at the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival, “Mi Cheng” received a great deal of attention from the audience. A thoughtful and humanistic film, it includes a deep discussion of humanity with tight links to reality. The intense story line and sad ending made a deep impression on the audience.
Famous critic and dramatist Peigi Chiu and viewers alike were impressed with the performances of the lead trio, Huo Siyan, Ge Siran and Guo Xiaoran.
The film is a horror, mystery and love story that uses special filming techniques to tell the uncanny and thrilling story of happiness and sadness among lower class people. It took two years for director Zhang Jiarui to finish this film.

Huo Siyan
Guo Xiaoran
Ge Siran

Movie: Distant Thunder
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Romance
Director: Jiarui Zhang
World Premiere: March 24, 2010 (Hong Kong International Film Festival)
Language: Mandarin
Country: China

Subtitle: RAW / pls share with us if you found it somewhere

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