Don Quixote [C-Movie] (RAW)

Don Quixote (魔俠傳之唐吉可德) is a 2010 Chinese and Hong Kong film directed by Ah Gan based on Miguel de Cervantes’ 17th-century novel. It was promoted as China’s first fully 3-D film.

Guo Tao as Tang Fanghai/Don Quixote
Wang Gang as Sang Qiu/Sancho
Karena Lam as Sang Cuihua/Princess Fragrance
Miao Pu as Jin Xiang Tong
Liu Hua as Linghu
Paul Chun as Dongfang
Hai Yi Tian as Ximen
Ying Zhuang as Sima Wan, the Daoist

Directed by: Ah Gan
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Year: 2010
Genre: Comedy , Martial Arts

Subtitle: RAW / pls share with us if you found it somewhere

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